Appeal from a supporter!

The very act of capital punishment especially to those penitents and well within the purview of rehabilitation serves no purpose in maintaining the sanctity of humanity. Every member of the Human society unless proved as a threat to the society at large and ascribable as a clear enemy of Humanity has the Right to life and the Right to face a dignified death.

I am almost certain that the Honourable President has accounted these and given her due conscience and examined possibilities within the legal ambit while considering the Mercy petition of those facing imminent death penalty.

Myself as a partner in the broader interest of a progressive society and in the interest of showcasing our Nation as a hallmark of Human rights internationally, urge my appeal and present a plea to the Honourable President to review the Mercy petition and reconsider it with equity and good conscience as an extraordinary case that can stand as a testimony for amnesty.

I also kindly request our Honourable Chief Minister Dr Jayalalitha Jayaram to give her due assiduity in this case and by exercising any such powers the state may have to help suspend commuting this death sentence and stop capital punishments especially to those who have expressed repentance and shown scope of being rehabilitated.

Ahamarshan Jayaraman Nagarajan
D.Phil Scholar
University of Oxford
United Kingdom


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