Mahesh Dattani’s Open Letter to the President of India to revoke the death sentence

Press release:

Dear President

To have power over someone else’s life puts you in an extremely responsible position. The difference between a murder and punishment is the degree of responsibility one feels towards the object of our actions.

In the history of mankind, no great achievements have been made by taking away the life of another human being. Be it in the name of war or in the name of justice.

Justice in a civilized society is a punishment that gives the punished a second chance at life. Capital punishment does not allow that second chance.

A G Pararivalan, Murugan and Santhan have appealed to you to revoke the death sentence on them.  I appeal to you too as a citizen of India to exercise the authority vested in you by the people of our great country to deliver justice by revoking the death sentence and also let India join the number of countries who have abolished Capital punishment.

Yours in peace and solidarity

Mahesh Dattani
Sahitya Akademi Awardee 1998


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